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Project 6060 – Lesson 51

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Art in Iran
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Art en Iran
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Arte en Irán
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هنر در ایران
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    Lesson 51

    Art in Iran



    An inspection of the International Fajr Music Festival in the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution’s Assembly of the Commission for Art and Architecture.

    According to a report by the IRNA news agency, in an assembly of the Commission for Art and Architecture, the head of the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution’s Commission for Art and Architecture said: “As the country’s top cultural institution, the Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution needs to monitor art festivals more closely and make an assessment and evaluation of these festivals.”

    He continued: “The Fajr Music Festival is one of the important art events, which can, to some extent, gauge the politics of, and approach to, music in the country and aid the development of traditional music.”

    Emphasising the importance of purchasing works of art, he continued, saying: “Nowadays, art economy is one of the important topics in the area of visual arts. As such, an art auction hall could be proposed and evaluated within this Commission and given final approval so that the purchase of art works could be pursued more seriously.”

    The secretary of the International Fajr Music Festival also presented a report on the Fajr Music Festival and said: “The International Fajr Music Festival is important both in terms of culture and also because it is considered a national music celebration, since musicians and various groups perform programs for audiences, enthusiasts and the people.

    He added: “The focus of the International Fajr Music festival is on the youth and, today, because of the successful teaching of music in a few universities, the youth are actively involved in the area with their new ideas and familiarisation with today’s artistic issues in the world, and this festival needs to identify selected artists and groups and protect them.

    Emphasising the importance of research, the Secretary of the International Fajr Music Festival said: “In this festival, a section exists for the theses of university students and, in it, the better theses will be introduced.

    As the session continued, the general manager of visual arts, who is one of the members of this Commission, said: “The International Festival of Visual Arts is going to be held in the fields of painting, miniature, calligraphy, sculpture, pottery and ceramics, illustration, caricatures, photography, and posters.

    The general manager for visual arts added: Regulations have been written by the Centre for Visual Arts and the Organisation for Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Crafts about the allocation of a budget for purchasing works of art. In these regulations galleries, exhibitions that are held by the private sector, and exhibitions that are held with government support are approved as the most important centres for the presentation and sale of works of art and, with the implementation of these regulations, the sale of art works is going to increase from winter this year.

    With reference to the increase in the number of galleries in recent years, he said: “About 400 galleries currently exist, and there has also been a considerable increase in provincial galleries.

    The general manager of visual arts said: “In recent years there has been an increase in attention from foreign auctioneers towards the works of our country’s artists and the Centre for Visual Arts also has been in contact with the auctioneer, Christies, and in the future they are going to introduce other Iranian artists to this auctioneer.

    In this session, it was also mentioned that, this year, five outstanding buildings, the works of Iranian architects, have been accepted to participate in the World Architecture Festival in Singapore. Some of the techniques that have been implemented in these works, are those by which Iranian architecture has solved problems related to desert regions and its own geography. Another interesting point about the architects that made these works is that the number of women and men is approximately equal and it shows that in environments where there is less discrimination, women can develop better and their ability is equal to men.

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    Leçon 51

    Art en Iran



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    Lección 51

    Arte en Irán



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    Translation of Dialogue

    Maryam: Have you read the newspaper?
    Bahman: No, what does it say?
    Maryam: This year, there is a section for students’ theses in an art festival.
    Bahman: I heard yesterday on the radio. Do you want to take part?
    Maryam: Yeah.
    Bahman: What was your thesis about, by the way?
    Maryam: Original music in the provinces of Iran.
    Bahman: How interesting! I’m also taking part in an art festival.
    Maryam: Which of your works are you taking?
    Bahman: A statue of a horse.

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    Traduction de Dialogue

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    Traducción de Diálogo

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