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Project 6060 – Lesson 32

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When I Was Ten Years Old
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Quand j’avais dix ans
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Cuando yo tenía diez años
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وقتی ده سالم بود
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    Lesson 32

    When I Was Ten Years Old



    When I was ten years old, and in year five, I went with my father and mother from Iran to America. We lived in Florida for two years. My father was a vet in a zoo. Every night when he came home, he would tell me about his work and the animals in the zoo. His stories were really interesting and exciting. I always wanted to go there with him one day and see the animals close-up.

    One day I was a bit ill and I didn’t go to school. I really insisted that my father would take me to the zoo. At first my father did not agree, but later he conceded. We were on the road for half an hour until we arrived. I was really excited and forgot that I was ill. First we went to the native animals section and there we saw a number of cows, sheep, donkeys and goats.

    Next, we went to the dinosaurs section. It was much busier there and there were loads of children there. There, we saw the bones of dinosaurs and mammoths, and learnt a bit about their lives. When I was coming out of there, I saw some of my classmates and my teacher. I was really shocked and I wanted to hide behind my father. Just then the teacher called me. I went to him with my father. He asked why I hadn’t gone to school and what I was doing there. My father told him the whole story. My teacher said it was not a problem and that I could see the rest of the zoo with them.

    When I went with my friends to the safari and wild animals section, we rode a special car and went amongst the animals. When monkeys, bears, elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes and the rest of the animals were coming close to the car, we took pictures of them. More interesting than all the others there was a tiger cub that was swimming in the water.

    That day was so much fun. Late in the afternoon, when I got home, I was really tired and fell asleep soon after eating dinner.

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    Leçon 32

    Le samedi, je vais à l’école iranienne



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    Lección 32

    Los sábados voy a la escuela iraní



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مُکالِمه یِکُم
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    Translation of Dialogue 1

    Neda: Where did you go yesterday?
    Leila: I went with my friends to the zoo.
    Neda: I went there last week too.
    Leila: Did you see the dinosaur section?
    Neda: It was closed that day. I really wanted to see.
    Leila: In my opinion it was the most interesting section.
    Neda: Really?
    Leila: Yeah, they put a film on for us there about the lives of dinosours and mammoths.
    Neda: You mean they just showed you a film?.
    Leila: No, then we saw their bones and fossils and a guide showed us all around.

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    Traduction de Dialogue 1

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    Traducción de Diálogo 1

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مُکالِمه دُوُّم
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    Translation of Dialogue 2

    Arash We went hunting yesterday.
    Maryam: Hunting for what?
    Arash: Deer hunting.
    Maryam: Did you catch anything?
    Arash: No. Two lions came and all the deer ran away.
    Maryam: Then what happened?
    Arash: The lions followed the deer and got one of them.
    Maryam: Then what happened?
    Arash: A few lion cubs came and ate the deer.
    Maryam: So you returned empty-handed?
    Arash: No actually, I filmed everything. Now I have a very good documentary.

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    Traduction de Dialogue 2 

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    Traducción de Diálogo 2

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واژِه نامه
Glossary Lesson 32

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