Frequently Asked Questions
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Q. Is COLOMBIRAN just a website or a company?

A. We are a Non Governmental Organization (NGO),  federally-registered with Corporations Canada, a subdivision of  ISED; Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada  (ex. Industry Canada). Our legal registered name is COLOMBIRAN MULTINATIONAL SOCIAL ENTERPRISE INC.

Q. Are you a private or governmental entity?

A. COLOMBIRAN is a 100% private and multi-culture multi-national family-owned corporation registered federally in Canada. The primary founders and owners are Canadians. It will turn into a Public-Private NGO at the right time.  

Q. What is COLOMBIRAN’s main line of business?

A. We are indeed in the business of  showcasing cultures and their opportunities, thus building cross-cultural bridges! We do so through various public-interest social, cultural, and economic-driven projects, in both real and virtual space.  

Q. What does COLOMBIRAN mean? What does it stand for?

A. COLOMBIRAN is our brand name and our shorter business and operational title, coming from the two country names COLOMBIA and IRAN which refer to the background countries of its primary Canadian founders. A sister brand COLOMBIRAN.CA also exists, where the domain of (.CA) refers to the Canada, where the corporation and also its first official (legacy) website has been registered.


Q. What does the numbers before projects mean?

A. Currently there are 9 different categories of projects in the website. To accommodate virtually unlimited numbers of projects and make make classifications of them easier across the website, we have assigned the 4-digit category numbers of 1000, 2000, …. , 9000 to them. Then each individual project or even sub-project, can receive a unique project number. Think of them like an index, or serial number, otherwise identification number for each project. It will help with listing and sorting them, as well as linking and publishing them more efficiently and more organized. 

Q. What if you ran out of project numbers!?

A. Technically this may not ever happen in our or your lifetime! Each project category can have a minimum of 1000 unique and serial numbers. However these could also be simply the “head group” numbers, thus we could always have unlimited projects numbers  for sub-group projects, such as project  xxxx-1, xxxx-2 etc.  In the event that the future generation(s)! of web admins and webmasters of the site really get to end of available 4 digit numbers for “head group” projects in each category, they could then simply ad a zero and making each category a 5-digit project category. Alternatively, they could also expand categories as well,  if there were new topics and materials outside all current 9 project categories

Q. Why I can’t find the older projects I used to see them before?

A. You are currently in our new(er) website with .COM domain. We are indeed in transition of developing a brand new modern website (.COM), which was launched on 1/7/2019. Eventually all “common, or global-audience” projects will be shifted into the new .COM website and only the specific “Canadian-audience” projects will remain and further expanded in our first and old(er) website with .CA domain. However this transition may take some time to complete. Until then, please continue to locate the older projects at  COLOMBIRAN.CA

Q. Who are the owners or executors of these many projects?

A. Some projects may have specific owners who may grant us the copyrights or otherwise permission of publishing and promoting their projects. In such cases, the name of these individuals or entities will appear in Associates and/or Affiliates page(s) as the case may be. Some other projects may be simply available in the Internet for the public, and if they are relevant to our cause, or to our services and projects, we would promote them in the website depending our technical and/or workforce resources and limitations. 


Q. How does the AFFILIATION work at COLOMBIRAN?

Q. We tend to collaborate and/or enter into an affiliation program with mind-like individuals, institutions, and organizations at three different levels; Strategic, Global (or Online), and Local (National or Regional). To see the current list of our affiliates, and information about how you or your entity may also become one, please refer to our AFFILIATES page. 

Q. I believe my organization or myself, could be a suitable affiliate as well.

A. Please reach to us with your information and proposals. If you, your projects, your offers, your products or services, your discounts, or any other programs or facilities that you may extend, could be of great and relevant advantage to our communities across the world or in a large(er) region, we will be happy to hear from you. Please CONTACT US soon!

Q. What difference does it make to be among the different 3 levels of affiliation?

A. There could be different corresponding criteria, conditions to meet, and mutual advantages for either party. It all depends to your projects or organization’s mission, and the extend to may wish to engage with us and/or our diverse multicultural communities across the world or your region. Please CONTACT US with your profile and information, and we will review each possible AFFILIATION on a case-by-case basis.


Q. Is there any rule or meaning, relevant to the colors used in the website?

A. Good Question! As you may have noticed, our website currently runs in 4 languages; English, French, Spanish, and Persian (aka Farsi). To make it eye appealing but also easier for the audience to relate to their favorite or desired language of choice, we use corresponding colors and flags, respectively; RED and Canada Flag for English language, BLUE and Quebec Flag for French language,  Golden Yellow and Colombia Flag for Spanish language, and finally GREEN and Iran Flag, for Persian (or Farsi, Dari) language.  

Q. Why have you put all 4 languages in same web-page or single website?

A. We are the first and currently the only multicultural and thus multilingual social enterprise in the world, dealing with nations and communities, speaking in four main languages of our website. We have received feedback that this initiative has been indeed helpful for those community members who are actively learning one of the four languages of our website beside their mother tongue. Especially, many families are couples or partners from two different cultures and such practice in our website makes it easy and motivating for them, to improve, practice, or start learning the alternate language of their mix-culture family! 

Q. Why not using flags of the USA, France, and Spain for designated languages?

A. When we started our journey of COLOMBIRAN back in 2015, we only had Canadian-based projects and Canadian expat audience, along with the francophone Canadians who are mostly residents of the province of Quebec.  As such we used flags of Canada and Quebec for English and French respectively. However, soon we got followed by increasing Hispanic/Latin and Persian-speaking immigrants and expats across western hemisphere (The USA, Western Europe, and Australia). So in mid 2019 we launched a new .COM website to serve our global audience easier. The old site with .CA domain will continue to serve Canadian-based audience. Since our brand name refers to Colombia and Iran, naturally flags of these countries were picked instead of Spain, Tajikistan, or Afghanistan. Obviously, we still respect the legacy of the original .CA website here in the new common .COM site! 

Q. Is it true that not ALL of your web-pages are multilingual?

A. It is indeed true! We are a website that primarily is used and visited by expats and immigrants, or the new-to-be migrants.  Since by merit, the majority of these audience are usually polyglots or trilingual otherwise bilingual, it is not necessarily needed to have a full translation in alternate languages.  Also, this is NOT a site with language machine or translator plugin! We actually do write in 4 languages, or where need be, do translate (by humans! and not just machines or Google Translator). This is because the scope and size of contents (even for the same subject matter), for each culture or language audience could most often be different and not necessarily the same for all the audience and cultures of the website. 

Q. Why does your site bother to be multilingual, while almost everyone knows English?

A. We aim to become the very first and strategic eNGO Multicultural Social Enterprise as we are already quite well En-Route! Accordingly, it is important to communicate in people’s native language, where possible, to have the maximum and effective positive impact and influence on them, in order to have them on-board for strategic projects and results. As per Nelson Mandela, “if you speak to people with the language they just have learned or understand,  they would receive your message by their brains. But if you reach to them by their very own native language, they would receive – thus appreciate it – by their hearts.” 


Q. Why don’t you use the popular YOU-TUBE platform in the new website?

A. Unfortunately YOU-TUBE website, is filtered inside Iran, where many of friends and relatives of our Iranian Expat communities reside or live. To respect this audience and give them the same chance to watch our videos, we switched to APARAT platform, which is an exact copy of YOU-TUBE but just with stronger rules and regulations. These rules are concerning the Iranian POLITICAL or RELIGIOUS content, which we never have anything to do with such content, anyways. As such, we link (share) the target YouTube content that are otherwise legitimate and allowed for APARAT users as well, thus making it possible to take advantage of  the best of the both world!  Please feel free to visit our official channel at APARAT.COM/COLOMBIRAN for great multilingual and multicultural contents that would surely please you. We have videos in our channel corresponding to every and each category of projects!  We use English and Persian titles for our contents in APARAT. If there is still any issue or technical problem for our non-Persian audience, we kindly ask them to let us know through CONTACTING US.

Q. Do you accept paid advertisements, and/or Guest Posts?

A. Yes, we do! However, we generally do not publish paid or yellow advertisements inside our posts or web-pages to deliver a pleasant and distraction-free environment and condition to our audience to enjoy passing time at our website. We do have promotional solutions for businesses and service providers that work much better than old-fashioned yellow advertisements. Please CONTACT US for details. 

Q. Do you have networks or representatives in Latin America or Iran?

A. We do! Currently we have representatives in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Uruguay, and Venezuela. We also have several volunteers and associates in Iran who can handle and address inquiries about Tajikistan and Afghanistan as well. Please visit our ASSOCIATES page to learn the name of our correspondence. You can then directly reach to them over the FACEBOOK, or you can also send your question for them via us. Please visit CONTACT US to call or email with your questions or inquiries about these regions and countries. 

Q. I still have other questions. Where to address them?

Please either leave message at FACEBOOK.CA/COLOMBIRAN , or call/send an email using contact information in CONTACT US page. We will add your questions and our answers in this web-page!

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